Welcome to the Official COCIOV-19 Resource Sight. Read below to be prepared for all that it is to come. Stay Safe!
Helpful Tips:
  1. Avoid Human Contact (Pets are okay)
  2. Avoid eye contact over 5 seconds (5 second rule)
  3. Solve toilet paper shortage by knoing how to use the 3 Shells (duh)
  4. Don't eat anyone infected

The Corona virus origitnated from the Wutang Clan in China. Early names for the disease included 'kung-flu'. They should ahev kept that. Someone ate some rat soup against DOlemite's watrnings, and the disease spread to spring breakers who kept kissing everyone!

COVID-19 then went to Italy and got into the Speghetti, which infected Eveyone because grandma's not going to cook anything else. That's for sure. Then a hundred people died, so they through them into the canal so they would float out to sea. That's AMORE.....

Finally it visited America, but no one got sick here, because we beat the commies once, and we'll do it again!

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(our Savior)


bubonic-plague (Defeated!)

spanish-flu (Defeated!)