DCJ Dreams

Before Facebook, before MySpace, even before Friendster, there was a small and very exclusive social portal that was known to just a few called the 'DCJ Bridge'. Despite the terrible graphics and poor coding, there were no other options, so a group of movie-making friends communicated on a private forum to share discussions about Oakley, Sushi, Tricking, Movies, and 'Off-Topic' things.

While some threads fizzled out, other thrived such as 'Status with the Ladies' (though it took about 1,000 of the 2,600 posts for anyone to really have a genuine status), and 'John Edwards' which we must keep alive for reasons unknown. The other massive thread, was the Dream thread, which surprisingly had a solid run for about 9 years. Collected here are almost 250 dreams from the 5 main members. Some are brief memories, others are multi-page epics, but all are insane and should fail any background check should the forum ever be made public. Judging by the fate of ASP Classic scripting, we're all on borrowed time. So enjoy and take in the wonder of:

  • Harry Potter stealing the mailman's submarine, so he can spy on his co-workers writhing around while performing black masses.
  • Attending your own pre-funeral
  • Not being able to drive cars
  • Multiple End-of-the-World scenarios
  • The car that built a dead body every time it started
  • Storing video data on Cadbury Eggs

...and several about mermaids and/or skunks
...and LOTS about Oakley glasses and killing people

Dream List:

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