I dreamt that we were trying to get to a cookout. I was riding on my bike and my wife was in back, and Barlow behind her, and I was trying to drive through Raspberry briers. The bike was too heavy and wouldn't go fast and would lose control whenever I drove in shade (when I finally got to a road). We made it to the cookout and all they had was fruit so the rest of the dream was me in line getting the fruit.

Then I was at Disney world at some water ride. Some guy was on a swing over the water (in some semi-cave). His job all day was to swing and push off the cave wall every time he passed it. Then he threw balls at children who fell off a double waterfall. Some other guy came out and started taking rapid fire pictures to sell to them after they were done. Then I was the guy on the swing and I was trying to get as high as I could. But then I got too high and passed the 90 degree arc so I sort of flopped back down on the return.

"Nothing Else Matters" was playing as they were trying to invoke a sappy memory filled feeling of being in Disney World. I was sick of the swing and swung over to the side and grabbed on to the stone hippo which was on the edge of the cave. I climbed up it and onto the top of the cave, and met my family there and noticed that the hippo I was just on was rotating around the edge of the cave like a merry-go-round. There were stone alligators too. We all got on one and rode it up to another level. Some Asian with dreds was collecting donations for the ride so my dad gave a dollar, and I gave the change in my pocket. (I woke up and found change in my pocket too, which I didn't know I had!) One of the coins was a half dollar.

I asked the Asian if they had any more dollar coins and she returned with a basket of things. I noticed some things in there with my childhood handwriting, and I realized that these things had been there since my last trip. "What a coincidence" I thought. There were Christmas ornaments and some origami cats. My dad said, "These must be from when Disney recognized Halloween". They banned it at the moment. My wife thought the cat was cute.