I dreamt that skunks could bond with a person and do whatever they want. So in a battle, someone got tons of people who all had bonded with skunks to gather. He didn't care much about the people's ability, but rather the skunks' collective masses. Everyone shouted at once 'kill', and the skunks all took off towards a building. Some made it, but others started wandering around and backtracking. A bunch slipped into the snow and got lost in the water under it. Others shouted, 'he bit me first' and fought amongst themselves. They guy in charge found it best not to leave war strategy in the minds of skunks.

I felt bad for all the skunks under the water. Two burrowed out and walked up a hill and rested on a stone wall. They would have died from hypothermia, but I picked it up and started warming it, and it revived. I did the same to the second one, but he was a rascally one with an orange head and didn't appreciate it as much. The other one I saved, I kept holding, because evil bulls were attacking. I kicked one out of the way and headed down the hill/stairs. Another bull was at the bottom, so I kicked its head. It fell down for a while, but then got back up, so I stomped on its neck, which made it fall down again. Then it got up another time, and I started jumping on it to save the skunk.