I dreamt that I was in some game. I wasn't supposed to live long since it was a demo, but I got on a dirt bike and rode around the small squarish level. I picked up the gas mask, but that didn't seem to do anything. I rode up the hill and onto a pyramid, and a demon boss was flying overhead. He had wings and then a rocket pack. I tried to use the rocket pack to fire at him, but that would be rockets not a rocket pack. Just before he killed me, I asked if I could have one wish granted, and he agreed, so I wished myself out of there.

I had some other dream where I was driving up a steep hill in first gear, since that's the only one with enough power. Each time I passed the top of the hill, it got steeper somehow until I didn't think the car would hold on anymore.

Then I bought a new house somewhere in Somerset. The neighborhood wasn't as nice, but the inside was roomy and clean. Nothing was moved in yet, but I had high speed internet set up and my computer, so I started downloading Rocko's Modern Life episodes. Then I started thinking about the finances, and wondered if I'd get as low of a rate as I did with the first house. Then I remembered I couldn't sell the old house for a year, so I didn't know what to do.

Somewhere in the mix, I found out that you shouldn't date a girl unless she can climb a tree.