I dreamt that Amorphis was coming to town. They were swimming under the water like the Loch Ness Monster. My wife wanted to go see Alice in Chains though instead, even though the singer was dead. We got to the line and it was huge, but that was the line for people with tickets already. The booth to buy tickets was at the top. My wife started yelling at people because she couldn't find where to buy tickets, and I was like 'calm down'. I bought the tickets and it came out to $52.

We went in and were at some Mass that we were going to anyway. After that was done, I asked whether this was the same auditorium that the concert was in, but then all these kids started coming in, so we ran to the front to get font row seats. It dawned on me again that the singer was dead, so I turned to these two dudes behind me and asked if Jerry [Cantrel] was singing, but they said no, it was a new guy. Then I realized in essence, I paid $52 to see a cover band.