I dreamt that I was in a swimming pool. I jumped in but noticed poo floating in the water. I got out quickly and saw that the whole pool had poo in it, and way down at the bottom was a huge lump, which the rest of the poo was breaking off from. The owners tried to clean it by throwing some crystals in that fizzed and exploded, then turning on the sprinklers on the sides. That didn't really work, so I left.

Then I was in my yard in Portsmouth and some tree was growing. I was transplanting some shoots various places and they kept growing. Finally it was a huge tree that you could hide in and no one could see in. I started peeling bark off in strips, and slices of the tree fell off.

After that I went to a store and they had Halloween decorations up already. It was sort of dumb, so I asked someone who worked there for help. He said check out the witch. I looked up and saw a picture of someone dressed as a witch on a poster hanging from the ceiling. A woman who worked there was the one whose picture it was and got mad and started yelling and throwing things. I left them alone and went to the penny candy isle with my wife. Nothing was a penny due to inflation, and most things were well over a dollar. A pixie stick was 8 cents, and other things had weird ways of stating the price, like 70 for $300, but sold individually, and you had to do the math, which came out to $1.47. I got some blue imitation Dots and sat down at a booth. A fax came in that was supposedly old. It was from some guy who had a website from back when I worked at DSC and wanted me to continue. He said he couldn't get ahold of me easily, but I had changed my phone number and e-mail since 4 years ago. He mapped out some programming details. I figured out that a variable needed quotes around it (somehow this was related to my arm being pinned under me while I slept). I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some money, even though the guy seemed tough and hard to work with. He plotted out the money aspect, and I was to get $8,000 for 52 hours of work, which would be $92/hour. Then he left and let me ponder the decision. Then he returned and said my stereo in the truck was pretty nice. He was driving behind me earlier and heard it. So then I left with him to see the job.

We went to a military base and started testing out the equipment. We flew over some ships and whatnot, and a graphical display would map the terrain and draw a box around some things that it locked on to in its display. We approached a ship that the boxes couldn't lock on to the small details; it could only draw three boxes around the main parts of the ship. We descended, and the guy explained that the computer hadn't analyzed the specifics of the materials used.

So we started taking panels off the sides, I guessed for analysis, but it turns out this was an enemy ship and we were stealing canisters. Two guys grabbed a panel, and I grabbed one. My canisters were wrapped in plastic and the plastic ripped, and the canisters fell out of their formation and I had to pick them up. I wasn't able to grab them all, since they'd fall in different directions, and I ended up knocking over something else which had a Domino effect down a line of other objects.

The guy I was working for smacked his head in embarrassment. I was able to somehow grab all the canisters and bring them back to the home base after a few enemy women walked by, and I evaded them by acting like I didn't know who they were. Once back, they were pouring out the contents into the river which was inside a building. Dave R. was also working there, since he had a government job too. I decided I had enough for the day. I went to grab my coat and looked at the time. I was 1:00 in the morning. Some black guy laughed at me because it was so late. I laughed back and said I put in a full 8 hour day and I started at 9:00. Then I finally left.