I dreamt that I was in the forest and dinosaurs were chasing me. One was a T-Rex, but I wasn't too scared because it was really a scavenger (I think that's true though). I jumped over a decaying dinosaur and found a flock of Compsognathus, which were furry and resembling ostriches. Only a farmer knew they existed and he let them roam around. When people came over, he'd fire a gun into the air to scare them back into the forest. Some hired help was in the field and noticed them one day, and the farmer acted surprised to see the dinosaurs, but did admit to seeing them and then ran away. I went into the house and the crazy girl from Last House on the Left was trying to kill me.

I couldn't get the door shut because the latch wouldn't click in the hole. She saw me and stabbed through the door and it fell apart. I ran out of the room and saw the guy she was with and slit his throat. I looked back and my wife had tied up the crazy girl. I was going to kill her too, but couldn't do it since she was restrained. So we turned her into the police. We found out later that she snitched on us about the other guy I killed, so we knew we shouldn't have let her go. Then I was in a big hole and started walking around in it, and Chris got a plastic bag stuck over his head which stretched his nostril to the size of a grapefruit, and I could see in his skull.