I dreamt that I was driving in my truck, and it was icy out, so I was siding off the road and hitting the guard rail. At some point I got past the road and everything was clear, but I was on my bike at this point. My wheel was about as thick as a quarter, so the traction wasn't too great. I lost my vehicle at some point and went looking in the woods for it. I found a truck which was all rusting and beat up but it wasn't mine. I started walking back along the road and got to customs, and they were annoyed that I was back (because I guess I had crossed over before on my way to some other country), and I met up with you guys. We had the new version of Midnight Shadows and we started playing it. People who were hanging out sat down and started watching it again. During the intro there was a 3D animation of a space station that looked pretty cool.

I asked Chris who made that and he said it was from an art student at Salve. I said it looked pretty good, but then they took more artistic liberties and started editing some of the scenes. They took a few of the Tsion intro scenes and applied a ripple effect over it and blanked out the background. Then they started adding scenes to the movie that didn't make sense. Mike Barnes was in a High School and was fighting several students. They were all slamming each other into lockers and doing some crazy kicks. I wondered how they got permission to do all this. So I left that movie and started walking back. The walls were made out of Waffle Blocks (the toys) and I passed a hot sauce development room. I popped my head in and someone asked if anything was wrong. I ignored her and kept walking. Then I passed a room where they were prototyping a way to send video through a Capsela (another toy) model. I was assigned to do R&D, and I really didn't feel like it.