I was living with some woman in a house on the side of the highway. For some reason the government had it out for me and they stormed my house and killed the woman (whoever she was), but I was able to escape. I stole one of the agent's cars, which was a crown Vic with a big engine and took off. The head agent chased me down the highway, and then I cut across to the other side and started going the other way. A local cop then picked up the chase. Somehow I lost him and headed west until I stopped in some city. I hid out with a bunch of gangsters, and it felt like i was in the 80's for some reason. I knew I had to ditch the car so I traded it to the gangsters for an old sports car with an even bigger engine. The next thing i remember, I was in a power plant and there was a hazy redness everywhere. The head agent had chased me there and was trying to kill me. I led him into a pressure chamber and then I sealed the door and turned the pressure up all the way and then tried to make it out of the building before it exploded.

The End