There was a lot having to do with planes in my dreams last night. In one dream I can remember I was flying to Italy. But the plane landed on Sicily instead of Italy. The crew said they would fix things but that it was going to require a 4 more stops to get to Italy including a stopover in New Zealand.

Then I was in some city with my family. We were going to go to this big sports complex that looked like it was on the top of a hill in the city but was really miles away. The building looked like the Tate Modern Museum I went to in London. We had to take a commuter plane to get there but this plane was full so I had to stand up. The plane ride took about 5 minutes. But the plane had no doors and just as we were about to land I fell out onto one of the playing fields. I met with my parents after that and they asked me where the luggage was. When I told them I didn't know because I had fallen out of the plane they got mad that we had lost our luggage. Then when we turned around Mr. Vierra was there with a van and he had all of our luggage and was going to drive us to our hotel.