I dreamt this spider was attacking me. It seemed to be very heavy and shook the room when it fell on the ground. It had wings and kept trying to bite me, no matter what I did.

Then I was somewhere and it was before the wedding. My wife had disappeared, and I was with some cops trying to find her. We came up to an old car and someone was in the front. We looked in and an ugly person was there, but then took off a mask to reveal my wife's face, but it was obviously not her. Someone had skinned her face off and was wearing it as a second mask. The cops didn't seem to notice that her pupils were white and the skin was pale, and we both ended up in the police car to go home. The imposter tried to play the part and hold my hand, but I knew it was a fake and said 'Don't even bother fooling me'. From there the fake-wife started causing trouble. She called one of her band-mates and started yelling at him about what a bad job he's done etc... As she was yelling, I was making a turkey and cheese sandwich. Her father showed up with mayonnaise on his lip. I thought about telling him about the truth about the fake, but never did. So then I ended up on the alter alone waiting for something, and the cop that found the fake wife decided to do some research and get to the bottom of this. She found the real wife and the fake-wife, but instead of simply bringing her in, she decided the best method to reveal the fake, was to have them both make Easter baskets and then present them to me. The cop brought the two baskets up the aisle, and my real wife's was signed by everyone and full of chocolate.