Today I dreamt that I was in some winding road through a forest, showing people my new house. It was a little house, but had a huge one behind it which was all run down. It was tricky to get into. Then I realized that it really wasn't my house, mine was down the street. That one was pretty small too and both were somewhat run down and Blair Witchy. Then I was reading a review of Duct Wars by some fan. He was praising it and quoted me saying that I had no friends. He then started rambling on about his pet elephant and this turned into a visual clip of him towing a boat and the elephant holding on to the back of the boat like a waterskier down West Main Road near the new Petco.

The elephant went out of control and started weaving in and out of all the lanes. Finally it crashed over the edge of the road and pushed over an SUV at Saccucci's, which slid off the display and ground down to the frame. I went over to see it, and was in my truck. It was all snowy at that point, and I started up and crashed into the car in front of me. It only made a small dent, but enough to ruin the bumper. I could live with it, and the other driver was a 4 year old black kid who said it didn't matter and I could go, but I knew it would be foolish, so I tried to find an adult but never did.