First I was at my grandfather's house and my uncles and mom decided they would like to redo the basement so they started removing and changing things. We had to take his cat home and take care of him because he lived in the basement. When we got home there was a random little boy in our living room. My little sister and I started to play with him but after a while he started getting mean. He threw a soccer ball at some of my carvings and just barely missed them. I got mad and called him a fandango. My dad said that wasn't nice. Then we were taking care of lots of cats in my living room. My aunt had a cat with bright yellow fur. She said it took her a long time to find. I didn't want to hold it because I was afraid it might scratch me.

I bought a new pair that had just come out that nobody else knew about (what a great dream). The pair was kind of like a mix between scars and over the tops. The arms went over your temples but they did not connect like over the tops. They were blue with ice iridium lenses and the overall design was more angular, like the scar. The lenses were really big too. They were cool.