I dreamt I was in the Oakley factory, and I was getting a special tour since I was the #1 fan. They were pulling a batch of freshly created X-Metals out of the mold. They were still hot, but they wanted me to grab the top and pull the stack out of the container. They were all still connected to each other and had rough edges. To get rid of the rough edges, we had to hold them under a fluorescent light and the pieces started to shrivel. The guy handed me a sheet of whatever the rough edge was made of and that started to shrivel too.

We brought the new glasses into another room, and I started looking at the different ones. Most were Romeo's but there was an X-metal Half Jacket and something that just seemed to have earstems on it that merged in the middle. The guy said that those models were so new, he couldn't tell me the names of them. I was going to ask if I could get some vintage glasses, but it was my time to go. He told me to go upstairs to human services, but I couldn't end up finding it. I found everything else including the cafeteria. The people walking around were very weird and all walked with a limp.