I dreamt that some guy was doing a commercial and had to kiss a girl or something, but the director didn't tell him that, so after he went to confession. I went outside and one of my wife's fat friends wanted to hug me good bye but I pushed her away since she was nasty. I got in my car and started fiddling with the radio. The parking lot was all snowy but I wasn't paying attention anyway. There was a bass button, which I thought was strange since I had another equalizer already. I ended up spending a long time getting out into traffic since I was playing with the radio buttons.

Then I was at a supermarket talking to someone at Hodges, and I heard people entering from the front of the store. I didn't want people to see me talking to another person, since that's how rumors start, so I ran up to the front of the supermarket and started looking for some frozen food to eat. I couldn't find anything I wanted, so I went to the front and saw tons of tabloids turned 2'x2' hardcover books. I didn't buy any though.

Then it turned to some segment about some rich chubby kid giving tons of money away to charity. He owned an architecture business, but I think he inherited it. I saw him at a computer doing a CAD drawing, and then at a podium giving a speech. He wanted everyone to turn out as good as he did, since he's lived such a good life; he only used drugs a couple times.

Then I was in some building and a little 4 year old kid went up and kicked a cop, so the cop, grabbed him by the neck and lifted him in the air and slammed him down on the ground to arrest him. They started arresting all the other little kids too. Everyone else in the room had to lie down until the cops were done. Some guy who was there went over to a bartender and asked to give him one good reason why the cops should attack the little kids. The bartender asked him back, "Ask me if I care..."