I dreamt these two kids were in a house and the mother came home. One of the kids she had wouldn't shut up, so she took the remote she had and pressed the mute, and the kid stopped talking. All the other buttons did things too, like one said flip (I guess to flip channels), but when she pressed it, the other kid, a boy dressed like a scarecrow, started doing back handsprings into a wallflip.

I got ahold of the remote now, and it had a keypad, so I started typing things into it. Mike Erwin wanted a pair of silver black Oakley Overthetops, so I typed that in, and they appeared on John, so I took them off his head and gave them to Mike. They were black/black iridium though. I noticed all our other glasses were in a state of dis-repair. The racing jackets were broken in half, and the X Metal XX were all taken apart. Some kid was crumbling them in his hands and all the pieces fell to the floor, but he said he'd put it back together. I looked at the pieces and they were all things like metal hands and feet. I noticed someone took half of the Mars and combined it with another X-Metal. It looked dumb.

So then I tried to wish for a pair for myself. I knew that they wouldn't end up where I wanted them to be, so I typed in Racing Jacket on Dann's head. Nothing happened. So I typed in Racing Jacket Platinum Gold. At this point the remote was a search engine that had to look up the search and find out what you wanted before it knew what to manifest and give to you. It was returning all the wrong things, I think because no one has any info on the old racing jacket.

Finally I gave up and wished for a few more things, which it found and returned, so I grabbed those and went over to Chris, John and Ben. Ben was Tom Green though. I had Ben/Tom choose which hand I was holding the prized in behind my back, left right or middle. He chose left for John and I gave John a Punisher keychain. John wasn't amused and walked away. Then it was Chris's turn, so Ben/Tom chose again, and made me look through a stereoscope at some ferris wheel, then chose left again. I gave him a pair of tan flesh shoes and Chris got the Ruby Pennies. Although the items I took from the magical search engine were Ruby Pennies, my cellphone and a GMT watch.