I was at beach, similar to the one at black point and I was teaching my wife how to swim, but some jet skis were going by and causing the water to swell up and down. The water ended up draining so much at one point, that I could touch the bottom and walk around in it as if it were bare. I could see everything on the ocean floor too.

So then we decided to fly to Hawaii or something, and we got on our bikes and drove partway, and then parked them. To avoid them being stolen, we disassembled them and left them on the corner of a road. We figured that people wouldn't bother to steal it if they had to put it back together.

So we got on the plane and arrived and spent some time in Hawaii, and then it was time to go home. We got back to the airport in a hurry and I saw Chris holding up a computer printout with a barcode as he walked through the metal detector. A barcode reader scanned it and that was his ticket. I remembered that I didn't have my ticket with me, and in fact I didn't have anything with me.

I saw Chris walking back with some food and called over to him. He didn't hear me, so I had to run after and get his attention. I said that I never even had a chance to pack my stuff from the hotel. I hoped I could still retrieve it. We went back and I saw all my stuff still in the drawers, but it was getting late, so I told Chris to head back since he need to bring Amy on the bike as a passenger, since he couldn't go alone, and I'd head back later myself.

I decided to stay a little longer to and maybe buy some CD's. I started looking at a flyer and everything was in some weird currency. Then my wife was back there for some reason, so we went outside, but it was pushing 12AM, and in Hawaii, that's when it starts getting light out, so we went back in and two little black kids followed us and started harassing up and threatening lawsuits, so I took one of them by the neck and threw him on the ground outside. They didn't like that.

I decided to go play some game where you're a small battleship and you swim around and shoot down the other ships. I shot down one of them and every time it tried to respawn, I'd shoot it down again. It turned out to be Liam's ship and he was getting mad.

I got out of there and started making my way home finally, and some old nun arrived. She was asking about the age of the house we were at. I said the middle part wasn't as old as you could see the brickwork was wearing on the two outer portions. The middle part was newer and had been added on recently; one wing was physically moved. Then she tried to walk on the roof, but it was very old, and it crumbled beneath her. The same happened to me, and I struggled to grab on and pull myself to the walkway beside it. We had to get the nun back, so we proceeded with an ancient ceremony involving water and oils. Some other nun was there and started singing like Enya since that was also part of the ceremony. After that was done, we entered into the next room and saw the old nun tied up and being pulled to the ceiling by some muscular evil man. We all jumped down and got him into a lying position, and I chopped off his head with a sword. Then we started bashing in his body, but he was made of iron now. It was very hard and the iron only broke after a lot of hitting. Finally we carried the pieces off and were going to have them chemically analyzed since we've never seen iron this strong before.