I went over to John's house to go on a field trip and John was there packing up and his mother gave me their phone number in case of any accident but I couldn't read it so she and John got mad. Then the bus came to pick me up but I stayed inside looking at it and as soon as I went outside it left. When it left I asked John how long it would take to come back and he said about 20 minutes... (We were just staring outside)

It then skipped and I was at the destination of the field trip and we apparently went to a place to film Duct Wars. John and Dann were there as well as a lot of random people walking around pretending to be a part of Duct Wars. John was dressed as Mevik and running around pretending to kill people with a fake saber. We then moved the filming from a path in the forest to an illegal cage fighting pit where John was forced to pick up atlas stones playing Mevik. Then other people came and I was forced to fight the Hulk and Spiderman, somehow I won by cowering and avoiding their punches and sprays of webs.

My dream then skipped again to the return home. Apparently John and I missed the bus once again and begin returning home on the side of a complex highway by foot. While we were walking a car with 2 beautiful blondes that couldn't drive pulled over and decided that they were safer walking with us then driving. They walked with us to an outdoor comic book stand where we met Justin P. and talked about batman. I didn't pay too much attention to Justin because one of the blond girls liked me.