I dreamt that I was heading down 24, and it was in the early morning, so the sun wasn't quite out yet, but it was getting light. I was getting to the exit to 138 in Tiverton and there was a cop parked facing away from me on the right side of the street. He started up and moved to the left side, and I remembered that my lights weren't on, but I didn't want to turn them on just then, since that would be obvious. I passed him and he pulled out behind me and flagged me to pull over. He got out and walked over to the window and shouted Mrs. Thombs! I said I was Dann (he must have called in the license plate). He said the car was still registered under her name, and he was going to have to impound the truck. I got out and looked at it and I was driving the Chevy.

So I started walking home and got to some biker hangout with a buffet line, and I started getting food. It was all chili though. My wife showed up from somewhere and had dessert. I ended up home somewhere and had to explain that I didn't have the truck anymore. They got mad and went out to find the cop who was being a jerk. I asked him, for references sake, why he pulled me over, and he said because my lights weren't on. But everyone agreed that that was rarely enforced.