I dreamt I was being hunted down inside the Oakley factory. I went down to the ground level and ran around a bit. Oakley glasses were strewn about including old SubZeros and Valves. I found other things like peel away shoes etc... I saw some people coming, and thought that they were the troops, but they were just people leaving for the day, although very nervously. I tried to blend in with them by laughing and talking in a fake English accent by saying 'lovely' a lot.

I got out side and the war was still going on. Our stash of Oakley goods was in a truck somewhere far away. For some reason, that was more important than our safety, so we headed out to find it. It was hard to see which side was which, since everyone was either wearing green or black shirts. We got to the goods eventually, and they started firing rockets at us. I dodged a few, but one got fired and didn't detonate right away, it just bounced. Chris decided to run anyway and jumped over it, which then exploded, and I think he caught fire and died.