Last night I dreamt I lived in some ranch out in a woodsy neighborhood still with my parents. I was leaving and it was still snowing out, so I was sliding all over the place and barely stopping at stop signs and making it around bends.

I circled around the block back to the house and noticed that I left the garage door open and two teen punks were in there trying to steal stuff and grabbing my cat by the tail. I parked my car quickly and ran into the garage and punched the smaller of the two teens down, so he let go of the cat. He was wearing an army helmet that I had, and that fell off and he had gotten my grandpa's sailor hat dirty. Then he crawled under my bike so I couldn't get to him, and then I started to get mad, so I pulled him by the arms and dragged him about the floor, looking for the older teen. The one I was dragging around was unconscious now, and I found the older teen and pushed him outside. By this time other people were home and watching, and the older teen had tons of my clothes on all at once, so I started roughing him up and making him give the clothes back.

After all this violence passed, I went to a yardsale. I found a really nice camera there. It had a firewire port, so I knew it was digital, but it was $188. I wentover to Chris since he had infinite money and tried to get him to buy it. I told him it was mini-dv like ours, and I guess he bought it because we started using it. It was pretty big, and came with an attachment that was about 40 lbs, and a huge pain to carry around.