John was talking about a new Star Wars movie coming out that he wanted to see. It was made by some kid and it was called “Star Wars: Real Life” or something. Then we were watching it and it was all 3D, and I thought it was pretty cool. Some narrator was explaining everything about who the good guys and bad guys were. We were in a valley with mountains and ships flying around. There were some hedgehog/rats on pillars with machine guns, and I was told they were the good guys.

At this point, it was a video game, and I could be one of the gunners (from a 3rd person view). The narrator was one of the gunners and was a rat with a string held up by an owl. He told me to press the [End] key to get him off the pillar. I could move him around and he'd run and the owl would fly if I wanted him to jump. There were other rats that he could run up to and kiss, and maybe get married to. I'm not sure how this would benefit the game, but the option is there. The first phase was to enter a small barn. I cut the rat loose from the owl string and it ran into the barn's small spaces. I went in and got spider webs all over me, so I left and retuned later. The second time the rat was gone and I kept getting covered in more spider webs while spiders were walking all over me. I ran out screaming and asked the people that met me out there if they were black widows. I went in one last time and the barn was filled with warm sloshing water and I was able to pass through.

On the other end the wall spun around like a secret door and into another room. That room did the same, and I got to a room with a furnace. It was pretty open, and I could see the area where I came into the barn and the pillars. The furnace would burn me if I touched it, so I tried to avoid it. I walked around it and almost left to continue my journey but an old man in the same room told me to inspect the details of the room because I'd need to recall them later for future reference.

'Look, they were cooking corn on the cob' he said.

'And onions and carrots too' I replied.

They were old and dry but still in a bowl making the room old. But then I looked into another bowl and saw a broken pair of Monster Dogs. 'See these?' I said '...these have only been out a few months, so the room must be fairly recent', trying to impress them with my savvy Oakley knowledge.

Chris then came in through the room between the barn and furnace room and said no one knows Oakley's like we do. I found some lens samples which were just semi-eye shaped with a tab handles. We started looking through them to seem the different lens shades. I looked at the horizon and it was in colored bands like an old 256 color computer game. I decided to save my game at this point and in real life started to realize that it was really a dream. Things started making a little more sense and I thought 'How could a game be played like this if you had to find your own environment?' The game just came with instructions and you followed them out in a place that you had to find. It didn't make sense that you could find all the little details it told you to look out. I was then home and my Dad came home too after getting in a bike accident leaving the scene of the game learning what I just thought of about how the game couldn't be played anywhere.

Then I had a short dream about a new cat we got. We had two bowls. One for Hobbes and one for another. Hobbes ate and left, the other cat started eating its food, then threw up in Hobbes' bowl.