Last night I dreamt that I was in an episode of Strangers with Candy. Jellineck and Noblet closed us all in a room because some rowdy students were outside. I looked out the window and some guy was slamming locker doors shut, and two other guys joined him, and their group had some catchy name, but I can't recall it. They started harassing people and eventually turned into little robots that looked like a cross between the mushroom at gymnastics and a shop vac, only more cartoony and solid shaded. They had evil faces and were flailing their arms around while chasing everyone. Most people thought this was the most ridiculous episode yet.

I got outside eventually and saw some people from high school. One girl was there and asked me if I was happy being married. I said yes, and then she got all attitudey and stormed away. Then she came back and yelled that she thought we had something in High school and were just waiting until after college. Then she got on a school bus and rode away. Chris witnessed this and we were both very confused.