I dreamt that I was in a bog somewhere in the jungle. Chris was showing me this poisonous plant that you shouldn't disturb. He said it rises out of the water and then explodes and the hooked burrs dig into you and then infest you. Then the root will shoot off underwater at a very fast speed and explode again to replant itself. We ended up finding one and it exploded and infected me. Chris was already infected from before.

So we headed home on a dirt road and were going to die, so Chris got some fireworks and we decided to set them off, since we couldn't be held accountable after we died. We lit off a few more and ran back to get some roman candles and bottlerockets. I got out some matches and packaged them all together, then lit the group. It was slow at first, but then finally caught fire, and turned out to be a plate of meatballs, which I consequently heated up. Then I started talking like an Italian, and walking up the road to the top of the hill where we just were. "Heya, letsa eatsome meataballa." I tested the heat and they were warm. At this point, I was dying more, and having trouble breathing. My eyes were getting red too.

I didn't get to eat the meatballs because the cops arrived. Either because of the fireworks or my infection. He put me in handcuffs and brought me to the cruiser. I tried to be helpful and open the door while still in cuffs, but that just made it all the harder to undo once I got in the car, since I was now somewhat tangled. I think they were going to help me because they were acting nice.

At this point, I was driving in the back seat, but my Mom was driving. I told her about my infection and she said she hoped it wasn't contagious. I said it wasn't because it was a spore, and spores weren't contagious. Then I started coughing up some phlegm, but swallowed it to be polite.