I dreamt that we were filming Zombi Fourest. We needed a scene that had a 3-D colorful cone in it, so I decided snow would work just as well. There was a website, where you could put in your latitude/longitude and it would snow the given amount right in that spot. My house was 46/74 or something. I punched it in, and it started snowing right in my backyard. It was the only snow around, so we had to be careful where we filmed. I decided that we needed some more off to the side. I asked what the new latitude should be to move over towards the neighbor's yard, and my Dad said 40. I added twice as much snow, and then realized I was being charged for all this snow. It was at a unit price of $1.26 and came out to about $20 or so. I tried to figure out what the actual unit of measurement was, but they slid around the issue. It dumped twice as much snow and everything was fine. I left for a little while though, and came back to find that even though the snow was dumped off, the temperature was nowhere near freezing and all the snow had melted into a foot deep pond in my back yard.

Then I dreamt that I bought the new Thump glasses for $4,200 or something. That was a good deal supposedly.