I had a dream last night that I was back in Glasgow. I was doing grocery shopping downtown but when I got to the store it had tripled in size and turned into a stop and shop. After my shopping I was walking up a busy hill to get back to my apartment. It was so long that I had to take a break. When I got to the top of the hill where my apartment is I realized I didn't have my groceries any more. I saw one of my Scottish friends and told him that I had lost my groceries on the way home and he said that was typical Ben. So I started sprinting down the hill but I was sprinting in slow motion. I decided to take a shortcut down the hill (which is weird because I didn't know where I was going) the shortcut brought me through this old abandoned house.

There was a woman in the house who stopped me and accused me of being her long lost lover who was an Italian nobleman. I tried to tell her I wasn't him but she wouldn't listen, so I had to jump out the window to escape. I finally found my grocery bags but there was some guy sitting on the sidewalk eating the food in them. I yelled at him and he pretended there was nothing wrong.

Later on I was going to church in this really fancy estate that looked kinda like St. Phils. All the people were really dressed up. Nick Lechay and Jessica Simpson were there. They had their own private box. I got excited because I thought Ashlee Simpson was there and she was but she had blonde hair again. Then she walked into the private box and turned into Lindsay Lohan.