I was at the Thombs house, and several things were going on. One of the things was a fan that was under an air conditioner that was all covered with salt. I tasted the salt and some woman was telling me that it was bad for me, so I got worried about getting sick. I took the fan out to clean it off, and next we were in the basement. Dann was playing basketball while Chris, Amy, and I were eating dinner. Mrs. Thombs was rushing around saying that we had to go somewhere. I was trying to finish my food, but Chris and Amy started wrestling. Instead of yelling at them to stop wresting, their mom yelled at me to hurry up and eat. Then Dann pointed and laughed at me. They left and I rushed out so they wouldn't leave without me.

Next thing I remember: I was a female super hero with the ability to control weather and my sister had telekinetic powers. She was evil and killed our mother. I heard about it and went crazy and hunted her down. We started fighting and fell off a building. She stopped me from hitting the ground but I still went crazy on her. She was saying we shouldn't fight because it would cause some kind of damage to the structure of the universe and the whole galaxy could collapse or something. I saw the fight from some 3rd person view, where I saw these grids with red and blue colors zooming around each other making big expanding circles when they collided.