Me and my two roommates from school and some girl who I have never seen before (although we apparently knew her well in my dream) all transferred from PC to Missouri State University. (I don't even know if that school exists). We were going around on the first day of school going to all our classes and stuff. Amazingly all four of us had the exact same schedule. Everywhere we went we saw PC basketball players and talked to them. Apparently all of them also transferred to Missouri State University. After getting out of our Chemistry class we went to our dorm room. (All four of us also lived in the same room) And when we got there, there was a row of rainbow colored maxi-pads taped to the wall. It went up one wall, across the ceiling, and then went down to the floor on the opposite wall. After it got dark we went to the beach (you know, all those beaches in Missouri) and saw some more PC basketball players.