Last night I dreamt that Chris had a house in the city. I was a cool modern house with all kinds of fancy machines and stuff. When we got back to the house from somewhere there were about 12 people in the house using Chris' stuff who he didn't know. They were using the blender to make drinks with alcohol. Chris yelled at them for defiling his blender and told them to get out. Most of them left laughing but one guy got mad and wouldn't leave so we had to fight him. We fought around the furniture for a while knocking stuff down until we got him out in to the front hallway area. Then I hit him over the head with an oar, and we threw him out of the building. But when all his friends saw, they came back and wanted to fight, so we tried to lock all the doors, but there seemed to be about five or six front entrances to the house. We locked them all except for one, and Chris slammed some guys head in that as he tried to get through, and then he locked the door.

After that we found this thing that looked like a bar with buttons on it. I turned out to be a fake guitar, and I started playing cool music on it that everyone liked.