I had a dream I was going to Hawaii. I was about to get on a plane for the big island, but the plane had only about 4 feet of headroom, and 2 of that were used up by flooring, which had holes in it for each person to cram into. The dream cut to later with the passengers all in rafts. One was complaining that it took hours to only go 1600 feet in a plane. Also the plane's method of dropping people off was by dropping them off in rafts. That's why the floor was so high. The rafts sent out 'octopus' tentacles once they hit the water so they'd drift towards shore. The person next to me said she blanked out. A flashback of the rafts deploying showed. I wanted to just swim towards shore, but I was afraid of the manta rays and dolphins. 'The dolphins steal your snorkel tubes' some woman said. I think we got a dock eventually.