First I had a dream where some pauper boy was at a trolley waving a flag at the troops leaving for the war. Then he stole a lid to a pot because he felt he needed to every day. Some old lady saw him and he escaped down the street with the lady in hot pursuit. He met up with some poor girl, and they found a kitten which was wet and were about to grab it but then the old lady got there first and picked it up.

Second, I got a new bike. It was a chopped down SUV, so it was about 10 feet tall. I had a hard time touching the ground and handling the weight. I wondered how I'd park it at work. It looked nice though. Then somehow I saw it back in its SUV form as they were taking parts off it again. I wondered how the front wheel came into play, since SUV's have four wheels. So I went around to the front and saw a third wheel off the ground on a caster that had no use other than the off chance that someone would chop it down to make a bike.