I had a good nightmare. It involved me having trouble sleeping. I was insanely tired and when I tried to sleep I had insane nightmares. So I drove around and went to see people all night. In the middle of the night I found Chris in a big group of people that were gathered at some park. They were watching meteor showers or something. Then I determined that if I didn't sleep I would lose my sanity and the nightmares would take over, so I went home to my apartment and tried to sleep. Then I stumbled outside and laid under a tree.

Jujimufu was standing over me telling me I was going to die when I fell asleep, but he and an attractive girl dropped an orange hooded sweatshirt on me to comfort me. Then I saw the sweatshirt said "rape me" on it and that song started faintly playing. All of a sudden I saw the girl being raped with the sweatshirt on. Then I felt like those things were all over me pulling on my arms and legs and the song was loudly playing the part where he screams rape me over and over.

At this point I tried to wake up from my dream within the dream. I vigorously struggled to open my eyes and move my arms and legs as much as I could. I realized I was trying to wake up in real life so I tried even harder. It felt like my eyes were stuck together and all my muscles were weak, and it felt like I was being pulled back into sleep. Eventually I started to make it, and I could hear the song still playing and my arm was tingling because I think I fell asleep on it. I don't think I want to see the ring.