Someone held a wedding shower at St. Phils for my wife, and hundreds of women were all there enjoying doing boring 'women' things. A priest was blessing it, and started speaking in Latin. Then he started spinning around and his coat came off, and he crashed in into the dodge ball wall like the Starwars Kid. After it was done, I was out near where we'd play dodge ball and my wife, myself and her sister in law were checking e-mail and amongst the DCJ e-mail I get, there was something from the insurance agency. My wife threw that one in the trash, so I went into the trash and read it. It gave the amount we owed on the house, but they said it was on '5'. I didn't know what '5' meant, but it turns out it was the number of the address, and her sister in law (who was now someone from work), said they bought us the St. Phil's building, we just had to pay the mortgage payments. It was cheap because the school had burnt down from the inside. I looked in and the walls were charred.

We started walking around the school and my wife started singing 'Burn the School'. A security guard let me in. I commented that I wished this had happened while I was still there. He agreed. There were old chemistry sinks around and the layout seemed strange. We left there and headed to the wedding reception. Karoake was going on, but only three people were in the rotation since no one was really still there at all. It was pushing 5:00 though. I started pondering life and a married person and looked at my hand, which had no ring. I thought 'the minister even forgot that!' I had a talk with him about missing more things like the candles and basically everything except for the 'I do' part. He said he was sorry and was nervous since he doesn't do many weddings.

We left there and got on a bi-plane. It has no roof and took the normal road to take off. After driving with traffic for a while, it took off and hit a few branches on the way up. It did a barrel roll once it got high enough, and I spit up above me. Since it was rolling around, the spit stayed in place and looked like a jellyfish. Chris did the same, but his was round. Mine turned into a person walking as it fell. Everyone joined in and the air was full of spit spray. Then it got really cold and our sweat started coming off our hands. As we moved our hands, replicas would manifest and trail off like the 3D bubble paperweight things. I started making faces with my hands and the replica stayed and kept making chewing motions. My Dad thought that was unprofessional.