I dreamt that Harry Potter graduated to High School and suddenly stopped being a dork. He grew out his hair and wore a backwards hat. As he walked down a flight of stairs he kicked a bunch of nerds down the steps and called their music dumb. He (who was then me) started walking on a wooden bridge and got to a connector. A gym teacher made me stop and pay a toll. The toll was a quiz question that let me go on to the next bridge, and that's how the test was conducted. Somehow this all got tied into waterfalls, and I started swimming up them to avoid the questions and got out of the test into the front office.

I stole a submarine from the mailman and started flying around the office looking at the workers. They were working in groups and one group was having a black mass and was sacrificing a person. It was pretty bloody. The next group was having a photo shoot and each group got weirder. One group was just writhing around on the ground.

I landed and got to the corner near Union Street and West Main Road. I said since I'm only working 20 hours a week, I should have more free time to film. Chris said 'Yeah right Dann'. But I said, I really would have free time, it's different this time, and Chris said "YEAH RIGHT DANN!"