I dreamt I was in the Matrix movie, the new one I haven't seen probably. A bunch of cops were shooting at an agent climbing the building walls. The agent turned into a cop and started shooting back. I kept shooting at the agent. He shot a few cops and then got shot himself. Then he rose up and proclaimed that he would kill them all and started raising the water level to fill the area and drown the cops.

I went inside the building and the same was happening in there. People were screaming for their lives as they died and soon bodies were floating around. The key had to be found to stop the Matrix. I saw a clear alien paperweight and grabbed it. Two UFO looking aliens came over and started to act out their plan. I thought they were going to take the paperweight, but instead scratched an X on the floor and a tunnel opened up. I asked if I should throw the 'key' in and they said 'no'. They went over to the nearest wall, and a creature popped out of the ground. His thin tongue came out and sucked onto the tip of my finger which made a tube come out of the tunnel. I threw the key in that tube, and I forget whether that saved the day or not.