I had a dream Alan came over and I had baked brownies. Alan lifted the cover and licked the middle. Then he acted like he didn't do anything.

I'm not sure if the next dream happened last night or a while ago. I was at a table with kids at school. We were talking about the old comedy 'Laugh-in". Then I was watching a show from 'Laugh-in". People were telling jokes and laughing. Then a guy hid in a pool to try to find girls. A girl was mad at her husband, but couldn't see too well. She started stabbing things that looked like pant legs. The bag that the guy was in looked like a pant leg, and she stabbed him. A bunch of people laughed.

Then my Mom was playing Quake and she was customizing the characters. She customized her character and they started on the horse. The horse's face started changing to different animals. Cats to weasels.