First I was at a cookout with some old friends, and I started talking about how I should have my own. One person told me I shouldn't worry about inviting him because if I had food, that's all he'd come for. Then I started looking around at the other people wondering who to invite, and the Cheat was on my right, and I wasn't sure how to find his address. Then some frat boys kidnapped two of the guests for one of their hazing initiations and brought them back to the dorm. One of the kidnappees escaped to some carnival and two girls started tracking him down (I guess it was a sorority at this point, who knows). Then the rest of the sorority showed up trying to find the kidnappee, and the other two girls because they were responsible for his escape. They couldn't be found immediately, but one of the girls tried to pluck a nose hair, and after it stretched about a foot, it broke and she screamed, giving away her position. The other girl who was wearing a hat, because the kidnapee must have cut it off when escaping tried to act natural by putting on makeup.

The following night, I dreamt I was riding my bike with my family, and as I got to the Tiverton Bridge, I started running out of gas. I looked at the speedometer and I was at 650 miles and hadn't filled it since 158. I pulled over and switched to reserve. My Dad waved me on to continue somewhere to get more gas and pulled off to the left exit. At that point some bad guys were chasing us in a Mini Cooper, and we had to lose them. We rode around a rotary two times and the second time; the Cooper took the off-ramp and drove away. When they realized what they did, they skidded sideways and drove back towards us. Some lackey came out and tried to attack me with a piece of plywood, and I broke it with my foot. He ran back to the boss and the boss wanted nothing to do with him since he was worthless. The boss tried to fight us, but my Dad's eyed glazed over and he broke the Boss's neck.