I had a dream I was watching sliders. One episode was a world where people were dinosaurs. Then I was a slider, but it wasn't me. It was someone else. After every slide, my character would see a girl sitting in a car. She said that we had to get to our own home world. My character said 'May I have a kiss?' She said, 'When you get to your real world.' He replied 'What about a peck on the cheek.' Then he got sucked into the slider-ship and was talking to a person who looked like the girl in the car.

My character, who was in a third person view now, was rude to her. I wondered why, because she was a duplicate, but he didn't know that. Then a voice started speaking. All of us ran down a walkway and through a door. In a room was a big machine with a hole at the bottom. Through the hole, a hologram formed and said, 'You will not speak that way to my sister Julia!' But Julia said her name was Susan.