Last night I dreamt that we were setting off fireworks in Fall River. We had a large cherry bomb or something that launched into the sky. It exploded and set a bunch of buildings on fire. I ran away and thought that it would be cool if I had super powers. Then I could light off fireworks and put out the fires myself. Some Mexicans or South Americans rushed into a hospital and were badly burnt. The Oracle was too busy to attend to them. I walked into the building, and there was a Mushroomhead concert going on. The 'concert' was just one of the guys with a plastic bag over his head singing into a microphone and promoting t-shirts. I saw some over to the side for Evil Dead. But it was spelled Eviiiiiil Dead.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that we were at Barlow's watching his new movie which had something to do with Korn. After it was done, Chris and my Dad left and Barlow let me stay to learn tricks. Something prevented that from happening, and Chris was still waiting for a ride.