First Dream

I was running low on gas and pulled up to a gas station before I got on the highway. A trooper got out of a building and asked for my license and registration before pumping. He continued to perform a full car inspection, and I got out. He noticed a beating blue series of veins on the back seat, which disappeared when I shut the car off. I started the car and more veins and tendons shot out of everywhere, tapping power off of the ignition. Every time I restarted the car, it grew. I figured that this was why my glow lights didn't work anymore. I showed the trooper what happened when I used the breaks. I held the brake pedal down and gave it the gas. As I did, blood spurted out onto the street in front of me.

I kept doing this and the trooper asked me not to get blood on the nice wood they just put down. Some more veins popped out from under the car and grabbed my leg. In it was a soft cartilage arm. I looked under the seat and saw a whole skeleton forming more and more each time the car was started, and the feet were ready on the gas pedals for when it fully formed. I ripped the whole skeleton out and got it all over the ground. When I came back, most of the parts one the ground had disappeared and my car may or may not have been cured.

Second Dream

I was in a large hall, which was a game level. I was setting up 'triggers', which are places in the level that activate other areas or make things happen. I had to set one up, so when everyone started to walk down the hall, they would be able to finish the level. I started looking through the hostage situation cut scenes and they were all of businessmen getting shot by the terrorists. People started walking in and the triggers weren't working. I remembered that I had to turn a light switch on before it would activate. One worked and the other turned off all the music. I saw that one power strip had everything connected to it. I was tracing the power sources when one of the rack mounted servers on the ceiling blew and some charred PCI cards fell out onto the floor.

Third Dream

I was back at school. My desk was around the corner, and I couldn't see the teacher. I didn't bother taking notes, and the books were too long and hard to remember any information from. So instead I started unpacking a big cardboard box, and got all the packaging all over the desk and floor. I figured that I'd had to clean it up before the class ended.

Forth Dream

Based on the Strangers With Candy skit, where the principal splashes hot tea on the student, I saw him later at the hospital, and he had burns all over and the skin was red and falling off.

Fifth Dream

I was playing some old 256 Color game, and I got into the editor mode, through some old archaic DOS menu. Once I got into the level editor, it was a fully 3-D view, and you could fly around the town and find all the secrets.