Last night I dreamt that I was in some virtual reality game. I was in a secret area that was dark. It was set in some old town with iron fences and a long path, very Tim Burton-y. I decided to see if I could go off the path into parts of the level that weren't normally accessible, so I jumped over one of the iron fences. I was able to get over it and continued to the next one. After that point, I saw that the portion of the level repeated, and I could even see myself like a large hall of mirrors replicating where I was standing. Some old men were at a table watching my progress. I jumped on the table and struck a ninja pose. They weren't too impressed, but gave me tips on how to further the mission, which I can't remember.

After talking with me for a while, they left, and I stood around. But I guess for too long, because two guys with long nose masks came up to me, knocked me down and stabbed me. I didn't know that it was the type of game you could die in, but I respawned in a grave near an ice pick. I realized that I should have grabbed this earlier, so I picked it up and put it in my inventory. It was now a syringe though. I had to take a blood sample, but the tip of the needle wasn't sharp, it was just a cylinder, but I think I was able to find a sharper one after a while. The long nose mask guys pulled the end and got some blood out then put the syringe on a large banquet table. Everyone at it was having a good time, but the long nose guys slipped the needle away, stabbed some girl, and injected it. She was going to die now because air got injected too. So that was my mistake.