I was involved in a gun fight in a large building like an apartment building. One of the guys that was shooting at me was totally insane and wanted to kill me in the worst way to avenge someone that I killed. I shot his friend and then grabbed him to use as a shield. When I pulled the trigger it just clicked because the gun was empty. Instead of shooting back or approaching me, the guy just stood there looking angry. I dropped the shield guy and my gun and ran for the stairway in bullet time slow motion as the guy shot at me. He ended up missing.

I hid at the bottom of the stairs and he ran outside to look for me. The streets outside were filled with people doing handstands for miles and miles. Then the cops came and arrested the guy outside. I went back upstairs to find my gun before the cops did. I couldn't find it but then I saw Amy and she said she put it in her room. I asked where it was in her room and she made a shushing gesture. Then Mrs. Thombs walked by with a laundry basket.