I dreamt I was watching a modern version of the Christmas Carol, although it really didn't have much to do with it. Some old man started talking to an old woman. They had seperated years ago and she had since remarried someone mean. He came back to her to tell her that the other man's temper was rubbing off on her, and after they died, he didn't want to spend eternity with someone who was like that. All the while, he was pushing one of her teeth back into place because it was an inch longer than it should be.

This was supposed to be a metaphor, so fixing the tooth would mean she was fixing her life. He let go and the tooth slid back down. He walked away and then I was him and I had the bad tooth. It got loose, and I was able to pull it out. I set it down and took a look, and it had several cavities and tooth decay inside. Another fell out and had the same.