All the gymnastics classes were being held at Chris' house. Except it wasn't his real house, but a big mansion, with a huge garden and circular driveway and stuff. I got there late and drove my car into the bushes in the garden in the middle of the driveway. I didn't feel like teaching so I just walked around avoiding it and Chris was getting aggravated, because he had to teach the boys all by himself. Lindsey wanted me to spot her while she climbed to the top of the rope and then just let go, and I had to catch her at the bottom, which I did. The rope was just hanging from a tree in a woody area. While I was there, I noticed a weird short guy watching me. He didn't do anything though.

Then I finally went to help Chris with the teaching. He was taking the kids to the tennis courts I think. When I walked around the corner to where he was, I met the guy who was running the place. He was a big, heavy guy with a beard and a monocle, and he was wearing suit pants with a tie and vest and holding a timepiece on a chain. He got mad at me for not doing my job, and conflict began. His eyes got red, and I started being pushed backward by wind. The situation was intimidating, but I just charged at him and went crazy. While this was going on he gradually turned into a tree, but kept the monocle and clothes, and the beard actually. I was doing some damage to him, so he tried to blow me out of the driveway into the street with the wind. He called out his henchmen to battle me. One of the henchmen was me from the beginning of jonboy4, with the hooded sweatshirt. Jonboy4 me slowly approached me in a zigzag fashion doing tricks. I opened a gate in the driveway, which caused the wind to blow jonboy4 me away.

Then the short guy from the woods appeared at the top of the driveway on skis, wearing a helmet. He was actually megaman. He skied towards me and I just moved out of the way. The dream ended with a freeze frame of megaman skiing past me, out into the street, with a surprised look on his face.