First I was in New York with Chris. He was driving, and I was trying to organize postcards in an album by placing them in the order we drove by the landmarks that were on them. The twin towers went past, and I was trying to look out the window to see which landmarks went by but the smog was too thick. I kept my head low to avoid any chance gunfire that may happen, since I was in NY. We got to an underpass and noticed some police up ahead. As we went under it, I looked up and a swat team was firing at snipers somewhere. Ahead the cops were using a blowtorch to melt a fallen off muffler into the street rather than remove it. Our car drove over it, and I wondered if the tires could take it. Everything else was hot, and at this point the road was on a building that was on fire. We were just trying to make it past this point, but the windshield was starting to melt and ripple, making it impossible to see. Somehow it all went away after a while.

In my second dream, I had a few new pets. I had a Guinea Pig that was eating some black nuts on the floor. There was another rat-ish thing and a boneless mouse. They had nothing to eat, so I found some pellets, and thought this was so much fun. They ate them all. I started to leave the room and the rat was flying around. It had a long tail and landed on my arm. I realized it was really a vampire bat, and it's head slid back to show its teeth. But the teeth were dull and just sort of gnawed on my arm. There was a rabbit that was injured on the floor. We gave it a home on one of the shelves in the room, and some food and water. It picked up the carrot and started eating it. There was another injured rabbit on the shelf below, but it was hurt too badly to recover, so we didn't give it any food, and just hoped it would die soon. Then Amy gave the first rabbit too much water and it was just floating in the bowl.