Not a dream per se, but I lied down for a second last night at 8:00 and then fell asleep. Around 9:30 I woke up and it had gotten dark in the meantime and as I looked around at the darkness, I thought, oh no, I must have turned into a black person.

Then later I finally got some real sleep and had some real dreams.

I was in a snowstorm and my Mom was driving through 3 foot snow drifts along the highway. The car was sliding around all over the place and I was sitting on the hood hanging on. After we got through the snow a cop pulled us over because I was on the hood. It was a black guy with short black hair halfway up his head and dyed green long hair on the top half. He chatted for a while and let us go. We made it to the family get-together which was connected to a tattoo parlor. I was going to get another even though my whole family was there, but I didn't want to do that without my wife, but then decided to get a DCJ one. Then I woke up.