They killed a well-known evil anti-religious guy and gave him a drug so he could be woken up from death. I think it was Ozzy Osbourne. They woke him up about 80 years later and he was all green and decaying. His arms were long and his hands were fat with short fat fingers, and his nails were bleeding where they meet the skin. He couldn't speak when he was first woken up. He crawled around on the ground for a while trying to speak, and his appearance started to normalize. He sputtered out the words "white...BIRD!", which was supposed to signify that his memory had come back to him. Then he yelled, "Oh god, nothing ever happens down here [in death]!"

I said anxiously, "you mean, there is no god?"

He turned toward me and his appearance started regressing to the green decayed thing again. He approached me, cracked and evil smile, and shook his head, "Yes, and he's a nincompoop!" Then he jumped on me and I woke up.

Another dream started off in a city park in the early morning. There is a little girl, 10 years old or so, killing an old homeless black guy with her supernatural powers. He is on his knees with wide eyes and he is grabbing his chest. I think she is making him have a heart attack, and she makes it windy and there are leaves blowing around them. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a long black coat with a hood. The homeless guy is blind, so she is speaking and saying, "Listen to me. While you die, I want you to know that I am killing you."

In the next scene, the cops are at the scene. The big black cop from third watch starts speaking. The girl is controlling his mind and speaking through him. I don't know what she says. Then she releases control, and his partner grabs him and asks if he is ok. He says he doesn't remember anything. Then one of the cops from SVU points to the girl hiding in the bushes. The end!!!!

In another dream it involved that girl that asked for my number. I was at some function at some big school, where there were lots of people around. I saw that girl there and started talking to her, she got really mad at me for never calling her (which I won't), and she tried to make me jealous with her new boyfriend. She introduced me to him and he glared at me while we shook hands. He was a skinny white kid with a shaved head. He left, and I apologized to her and tried to make friends. She accepted the apology and wasn't mad anymore.

Then I was walking up the stairs in a strange school to one of my classes. I saw the boyfriend there and I knew he had malicious intent against me. I went to the bathroom to hide i think. It was actually a class room with a desk and chairs and stuff and it was a coed bathroom. There were adult men and women using it, teachers I think. One of the guys had to fart. Out of respect for the women, he did it in front of this fan that gets rid of it somehow. The women got mad anyway.