First I was watching this movie with people, and it took me until the end of the movie to realize that the guy who was the main character was the architect I head met a few weeks ago. Then I was at this weird mansion place on the hills and people were playing and rolling down the hills where a lot of people from college were staying there. I had this miniature model of Disneyworld, and there was this water works ride I kept turning on and off. I went inside the mansion and Lindsay C. and an attractive friend of hers were there. We decided to go to town with them and my college roommate Chris. When we got to town we went into this weird store which actually turned out to be the lobby for a strip club. When we tried to leave this guy who worked the door tried to attack Lindsay so we gave him some spare change, then I punched him in the face and we left. When we got back to the mansion me and Lindsay had become a couple, although I kept mistakenly thinking that her friend was her. Then when we got in the house this midget was beating people up with special powers. Some other guy started beating the midget, and I stared at him and told him he shouldn't do that. Then the four of us were at this party where everybody was wearing red.

After this the dream switched gears and I was watching a video that had the girl Janet who worked in the liquor store. She turned into Jennifer Lopez and it turned into footage of Jennifer Lopez with her Russian idealist rockstar boyfriend and the rest of his band. All the men were smoking pot and the police randomly showed up and arrested the whole band. They were thrown in Jail and J.Lo was pleading for them to be let out. They wouldn't release them so there was a riot because the rockstar and his band were the most popular people in the country. They were released in the riot and the rockstar became the dictator of Russia. Things are kinda hazy after that.