I was walking down a street, and the evil Jack Frost was following me. Every time I looked back, he got closer until finally he was walking by my side, and was now a demon dressed as a nun with a long flowing habit. Some woman who was on my side also was dressed as a nun but with a more folded up habit, and I got them confused. I almost hit her, but the demon was on the ground, and we tried to peel her face off like in Scooby Doo, but she said she liked her face and it started getting static-y. I found out I could get rid of the demon by removing people from my AOL user list, since the demon was a computer virus run by an ASP script. Once I got rid of the demon/virus/VBScript, I noticed I still had the installation disk on my harddrive, so I deleted that too. I found another reference to it, but that was just the source code. Then I thought it was weird that a demon could exist as code and it made no sense.